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Technical Writer, Oct 2020-present

Writing and editing content, including blog posts, long-form guides, white papers, e-books, landing pages, social media, and marketing emails. Building SEO content strategies and optimizing content and meta descriptions for engagement and increased brand awareness.

Constellix and DNS Made Easy, subsidiaries of Tiggee LLC

Technical Writer, Oct 2020-May 2022

Writing blogs, white papers, marketing copy, and technical documentation. Proofing and editing new and previously written articles and knowledge base tutorials.

RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring &  Travel magazine

Production Manager 

Designer/Map Illustrator, 2011-Oct 2020

Writing/editing, 2009-Oct 2020 (travel, products,
marketing, tutorials)                     

Production Manager, 2009-Oct 2020

Administrative Assistant, 2008-2009

Alkali Hair Studio

Content Manager/Writer

October 2019 to present - freelance, part-time, remote

Creating and managing social editorial calendars to increase brand visibility. Write social posts and compose relevant hashtags to increase engagement. Write press releases and articles about the salons, employee bios, and text for both salon websites.
Content Creator - July 2018 to April 2019 (temp/remote)


Writing copy for website vendors according to SEO best practices, house styles, and quality. Research intensive.

​Best Version Media - Neighbors of Forsyth magazine
Content Coordinator - November 2017 - June 2018,

Freelance, remote 

Content management
Feature story writer (Family, lifestyle, business profiles)





You don’t want your readers to nod off and drool all over their desk or their shiny new smartphone when they’re reading your content, do you? Heck no! You want them to consume your articles and keep coming back for more.

That’s where I come in. I don’t like writing. I don’t even love it. I’m cuckoo for cocoa crazy for it (what can I say, I loved Cocoa Puffs as a kid)! With today’s insatiable demand for information on the web, you can’t afford to lose out on potential customers due to ho-hum content. I'll not only write you some killer content, I'll make sure it's well-researched and that your content stands out from that of your competitors. For me, the challenge is part of the draw!

I’m not just blowing smoke, I have more than 14 years of editorial experience spanning writing, editing, design, and content management. I’ve managed more than 20 freelance contributors, trained six copy editors, coordinated and contributed to 75 print issues, two nationally published books, more than 120 email campaigns, and 12 road maps/travel guides. I've also designed three nationally published collector's edition magazines, as well as numerous media kits, marketing and sales collateral, advertisement creatives, and more.


My aim is to exceed expectations. Why? It's simple. Your content or design reflects on me too—if you look good, I look good and we both win!

To get a feel for my personal writing style check out my blog and click here for published samples. Design samples can be found here. portfolio
The Authors Guild
International Bloggers Association
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